Sword Camp Fun

Come celebrate our 22nd year of Summer Sword Camps!

In our unique Summer Day Camp Programs, the kids take on the roles of the heroes in custom made fantasy adventure stories involving a combination of problem solving, team building, cooperation, and swashbuckling fun. We use a game of soft sword tag, costumes, props, riddles, improvisational theater, humor and our own Realm of Shards rules to play out each adventure. During one of our adventures, kids may need to work together to solve an ancient riddle, negotiate agreements between hostile tribes, quest for lost treasures, or discover the truth behind a mystery while relying on each other to make it through successfully to the end of the story.

In addition to our Summer Day Camp Programs in Boulder, Birthday Parties and special events, we also offer Fight Like a Knight Historical Swordsmanship Classes year round in Boulder on Wednesday afternoons. Please Contact Us for availability and more information.